Retro Racer: 1972 Triumph Trackmaster Replica

Nov 2, 2020 2 min read
Retro Racer: 1972 Triumph Trackmaster Replica

This bike has the look nailed, but it's not actually a real period race bike. It's better.

We'll readily admit that we're more "car people" than "motorcycle people" here on Motorious. When a motorcycle catches our attention and we choose to write about it, you can rest assured that it's worth your attention, too. At least, that's what we think.

Image Via Bring A Trailer

We doubt that we'll field any complaints about this classic 1972 Triumph Trackmaster road race replica. Currently, you can find it offered up on Bring A Trailer, where it's attracted its share of attention.

This heavily modified bike is far cheaper than a genuine, race-used example, but it absolutely nails the aesthetic. This is definitely a "bitsa" bike, with parts coming from a selection of Triumph motorcycles and combined with a pallet-load of high-end aftermarket components.

Image Via Bring A Trailer

The end result looks terrific, though. It certainly doesn't looked like a cobbled-together amalgamation of disparate parts and influences. On the contrary, it's obvious that the builder of this bike had a clear vision that they saw through to completion.

This bike is beautiful. it's a work of art. We'd love to park it in our living room, but this machine really belongs on a race track. We're sure that this bike would be welcome at almost any vintage racing event.

Image Via Bring A Trailer

Visually, the combination of polished components – including the tank and triple clamps – with the bright red painted fairing and details is attractive and arresting.

Power comes from a 750cc twin, fed by Mikuni carburetors, while shifting duties are handled by a five-speed transmission. As you might expect, this machine is kick start only. Better not skip leg day.

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