You Can Win This Long-Lost '72 Corvette

Nov 2, 2020 2 min read
You Can Win This Long-Lost '72 Corvette

After spending decades hidden in a dusty New York parking garage, this Corvette has seen the light of day again. Now it can be yours.

Most Corvette fans are familiar with the "Lost Corvettes." It's a collection of 36 Corvettes that have spent decades collecting dust in parking garages around New York City.

Image Via The Lost Corvettes

They were originally given away as part of a VH1 contest, before being purchased by the artist Peter Max. Car enthusiasts have known about these cars for years, and while it sounds like some sort of automotive urban legend, it's all true. Now, you can enter to win one of the Lost Corvettes.

The collection of 36 cars represents one Corvette from every year of production from 1953 to 1989. Today, we're going to focus on the 1972 Corvette coupe.

Image Via The Lost Corvettes

The car seen here is painted in War Bonnet Yellow with a brown interior. It appears to have the base 350 cubic inch small block, and it's backed up with an automatic transmission.

The base V8 is rated at a paltry 200 horsepower. A major reason for that is the switch from gross horsepower to net horsepower. If anything, power figures up to that point were comically inflated.

Image Via The Lost Corvettes

Before the switch to SAE net ratings, power was measured with an engine sitting on a test stand with no accessories and no exhaust system. The net horsepower ratings are still in use today, and provide a much more accurate measure of power.

If you'd like to have a chance to win this gorgeous Corvette, you still have a chance. It, along with 25 of the other Corvettes from the collection, are still available. Ten have already found new homes with lucky raffle winners.

Image Via The Lost Corvettes

Using the code "TLC57," you can double your chances to win, and you'll be supporting a good cause. All proceeds go to the National Guard Educational Foundation.

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