Rare Aston Martin Convertible Heads To RM's St. Moritz Auction

Sep 7, 2022 2 min read
Rare Aston Martin Convertible Heads To RM's St. Moritz Auction

This Convertible green sports car is one of  the best classics to come out of  the mid-1960s.

Stunning the world in 1964 as James Bond’s personal sports car used for  all kinds of wicked adventures, the DB5 is one of the most culturally significant cars ever produced, at least in Europe. With the performance to compete with similar cars, unforgettable styling, and a name that was simple yet striking for many enthusiasts, you might say the car is almost as iconic as the spy behind the wheel. This particular vehicle, made a year after the car’s film debut, is a great example of why audiences around the world fell in love with this vehicle's image. Oh and did we mention that it's a convertible?

One of the best attributes of this car is its distinct lack of a hard-top roof  which makes everything from driving fast on the track to cruising at highway speeds fun for everyone in the car. This combines with the engine to make a car which is both fast and fun to drive with the top down, the best combination a classic car enthusiast could ask for. All of this is made possible by a 4.0-liter straight-six engine which is capable of some pretty impressive numbers. In total, about 283 horsepower flows to the rear tires making the car plenty powerful when it comes to spirited road driving.

Once power is made in the engine, it is then sent through a well-built and sturdy gearbox fit to provide a great driving experience to any enthusiast with a passion for sports cars. Aston Martin really outdid  themselves back in the day as this car boasts a five-speed manual transmission which came standard in all of these cars. Finally, the red interior and California Sage exterior has been kept in nearly perfect shape making the car a great opportunity for anyone who loves automotive history. If that sounds like you then consider this DB5 the next time you're looking for a classic car.

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