Pre-War 1942 Crocker Big-Tank Twin Is The Duesenberg Of Motorcycles

Aug 11, 2022 2 min read
Pre-War 1942 Crocker Big-Tank Twin Is The Duesenberg Of Motorcycles

Previous models have sold for the cost of 10 Harley bikes!

With roots in the early American motorcycle industry, the Crocker brand is a storied one. One example from the history of the brand is this 1942 Crocker Big-Tank Twin, one of approximately 70 ever built, and it’s presented in the desirable late-model Big-Tank configuration. Being offered by Gooding and Company, this motorcycle will elevate the status of your bike collection.

A company founded by Al Crocker, an Indian Motorcycle dealer, Crocker is a legendary bespoke motorcycle brand. In 1932, Crocker was selling upgrade kits for direct track Indians, and a year later, Crocker was building a limited number of hand-built, Crocker brand motorcycles. This would continue on, in limited production numbers. Due to restrictions during WWII, Crocker was forced to end production by 1942, and chose not to continue once those were lifted; this left the brand frozen in time.

The early models were built with a tiny 2.5-gallon gas tank, which would later be upgraded to a larger 3.5-gallon gas tank. The larger tank ones were known as the ‘Big-Tank’ bikes, which are regarded as a more desirable feature for these bikes. This example also features engine no. 42.61.310, earning it the nickname of “310” from Crocker enthusiasts.

This example has been owned and restored by well-known motorcycle experts, including Ernie Skelton, a well-known Crocker collector and historian. In 2020, it was sold to a consigner who oversaw the completion of a top-notch restoration which spanned multiple years; according to Gooding and Company, only 24 miles have been put on the bike after restoration. Learn more about this bike here.

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