One of 300 1988 Porsche 911 Commemorative Editions Is Selling Soon- Bid Now

Jan 16, 2023 2 min read
One of 300 1988 Porsche 911 Commemorative Editions Is Selling Soon- Bid Now

This modified car has Porsche performance with a style not many have seen.

For decades, if you wanted to get behind the wheel of a car that was pretty much truck ready from the factory, Porsche was the number one place to go. Over the years, models like the 911 took over the automotive world and made the prancing pony of Germany a fierce competitor for its automotive rivals. One stunning example of exactly the kind of tenacity that made Porsche so popular in the first place is this 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera commemorative edition. A car that is fast, fun to drive, and, believe it or not, incredibly rare.

Being one of only 300 cars like it produced for the United States sector, this tribute to their more vintage models stands out a lot on the classic car collectors market. On the exterior everything looks pretty stripped down. You won’t find a lot of aerodynamic add-ons or vents/scoops for increased airflow. Rather, what you’ll find is the body of a simple and fun sports car that was made to drive on the road. It was called the Sonmodel, and this vehicle was very clear about what it was made to do from the beginning.

Powering the wheels of this German sports car is a 3.2 L flat six engine, a feisty platform indeed. Powertrains like that one were made to race which makes them pretty good with weight distribution and high revving. On top of that, the next driver of this Porsche automobile will have access to a five speed manual transaxle. That combination of engine and transmission was seemingly the perfect innovative strategy for winning nearly any road-based racing. All things considered, it’s a great car for anyone who wants to have a little bit of fun behind the wheel and look good doing it. Now that the Porsche is up for auction, that could very well be you.

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