Low-Mileage ZR-1 to Headline the Raleigh Classic Auction

Sep 15, 2022 2 min read
Low-Mileage ZR-1 to Headline the Raleigh Classic Auction

Spinning tires and drag racing is this vehicle’s specialty.

The C4 Corvette is a vehicle whose history is laced with a thin veil of controversy because of its styling and powertrain options. Some dislike the cars for its distinct performance while others see the vehicles as underrated and deserving of a lot more recognition for its positive attributes. One point out that, contrary to popular belief, this generation was the first Corvette to use a dual-overhead-camshaft design. On top of that, some of these cars have been built into some crazy drag racers making them iconic to a special few who recognize the greatness within the car. This particular vehicle is a great example of everything that made these cars great while still keeping up in today’s high-performance world.

Under the hood is a massive engine that makes us all remember some of the best achievements of GM’s golden bowtie brand. That's because the V8 engine utilizes 5.7-liters of displacement to make some pretty insane power figures, especially for the time. In total, around 375 horsepower flows through the rear wheels of this incredible American sports car. To put that in perspective, that's the same number as a new R/T Charger or Challenger which is crazy when you consider those cars are about 1,000lbs heavier.

All of this is made even better by the transmission which provides great control to the driver without the computer interference of a newer gearbox. It accomplishes this through its manual configuration, something enthusiasts definitely appreciate. Plus, with six-gears, this transmission is capable of some pretty high speeds and acceleration alike making it the perfect tool for any enthusiast with a taste for speed. Altogether, this is a stunning classic American sports car legend with a lot to offer any car person who will take good care of it.

This car and hundreds of others will be sold at the Raleigh Classic's Winter Auction December 2-3.  To consign, register to bid and see other vehicles visit https://www.raleighclassic.com/

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