Duesenberg Model J Boasts Performance And Desirability

Jan 4, 2022 2 min read
Duesenberg Model J Boasts Performance And Desirability

This beautifully crafted vintage automobile is a very powerful piece for its time with tons of value and desirability, and it could all be yours!

Duesenberg is one of the most iconic luxury automotive manufacturers to ever hit the American sales floor because of its focus on beauty, performance, and comfort above all else. This means that between 1920 and 1937, Duesenberg was at the top of the automotive hierarchy in virtually every area other than practicality or economic sensibility. Unfortunately, the brand met its maker in 1937 as the great depression chipped away at the financial stability of the automotive manufacturer. The fall of Duesenberg led to an insufficient number of these cars in circulation as ten years is a short time in the automotive world. This means that the value has skyrocketed, especially within the last few decades, as there is a minimal number of these cars and many people who want to get their hands on one.

This car is the perfect vehicle to alleviate that stressful search for automotive enthusiasts looking to add it to their collection. Under the long hood of this 1929 Duesenberg Model J is a massive 420 ci straight-eight engine that puts out 265 horsepower. All of that power is sent through a sturdy manual transmission which allows you complete control over this insanely high-performance vehicle. Of course, these figures may not be imposing in today’s world of high-performance American muscle cars. However, for the time, this was an insane power output as the first 300 horsepower car was produced in 1955. Furthermore, this car was just 35 horsepower away from a significant technological innovation that happened 26 years after its production.

When this beautiful car was new, it was one of the first cars of its kind delivered, making it an incredibly desirable vehicle. This is shown very well by similar examples which have recently been selling for millions of dollars. Insanely enough, this beautifully crafted ‘20s cruiser can hit a top speed of between 112-116 mph. Of course, this was one of the first cars to do this, which adds yet another layer of value. You should consider this vehicle as a possible contender for your automotive collection.

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