Olds Cutlass 442 Could Be Yours! Donate Now and Get Double Entries

Sep 11, 2023 3 min read
Olds Cutlass 442 Could Be Yours! Donate Now and Get Double Entries

Motorious readers get more tickets to win!

In the realm of muscle cars, certain models stand out as monoliths, embodying raw power, audacious design, and the promise of unadulterated speed. Yet among them, the 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 holds a singular allure. Why? Because it's not just a muscle car; it's a time capsule back to the original muscle car era.

The Uniqueness is in the Numbers

To say this car is rare would be like calling a diamond 'just another stone.' This 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 was one of just 129 post coupes produced and holds the exceptional honor of being one of only two test cars for General Motors. Its original owner wasn't just any car enthusiast but an Oldsmobile engineer. And get this—he prepped this very car at the world-renowned GM’s Milford Proving Grounds and raced it at the NHRA Nationals in 1967.

Quarter-Mile Life

Most vintage cars tally their worth in mileage, but this gem measures its life in quarter-mile dashes. With just 32,000 original miles on its odometer, every inch of the car screams high-performance history. It has graced NHRA tracks, representing the iconic Oldsmobile brand, and has been a formidable competitor in both Super Stock and Stock NHRA classes for automatics.

Born for Speed

Unlike your run-of-the-mill restorations, this Oldsmobile features a meticulous frame-off overhaul that maintains its original Ebony Black exterior and matching black interior. And the thrill doesn't stop at aesthetics. This speedster comes with a blueprinted 350hp 400ci big-block engine, Forced-Air induction, Rocket Rallye Pac instruments, red fender liners, and a relocated battery. Yes, all the "born-with" speed parts are right where they belong.

A Legend You Could Own

The 442 in Oldsmobile 442 originally stood for four-barrel, four-speed, and dual exhaust. Although the model evolved over the years, with automatic transmissions becoming increasingly common, the 442 nomenclature remains a hallmark of Oldsmobile's commitment to power and performance. This 1967 model epitomizes that commitment and is believed to be one of only two W30 cars specially ordered by Oldsmobile employees for NHRA racing that year.

So, if your bucket list includes owning a pinnacle of 1960s American muscle, your search might just be over. This 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 isn't merely a car; it's an embodiment of automotive history, a milestone in engineering, and a trophy of pure American muscle.

What's stopping you? This is not just another sweepstake; it's your ticket to owning a piece of Americana that is as legendary as it is rare. Enter now, because opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. You deserve this pedigreed muscle car. After all, it's not just a car; it's a living legacy.

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