Unique ‘Mittelgrün’ 300Sl To Be Featured At Worldwide Auctioneers Auburn Sale

Aug 26, 2022 2 min read
Unique ‘Mittelgrün’ 300Sl To Be Featured At Worldwide Auctioneers Auburn Sale

After being with the same owner for over 50 years, this car is ready for a new life on the road.

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing has been an icon within the German racing world for many decades as its prowess on the track and road is the stuff of legends. From Great Britain to Germany, these vehicles were known for their excellent maneuverability, lightweight chassis, and great engine quality. Under the hood originally sat a 3.0-liter engine which proved very useful on the racing track. It might not have made a ton of power but the rest of the car made up for its output with an extremely light body, chassis, and stirpped-dow interior. This particular vehicle is a great example of exactly what made them so popular in the first place, and it's in really good condition.

One of the best parts of this car has got to be the shiny powertrain which finds itself at home within the engine bay. Presumably, this vehicle still retains the original 2,995 cc straight-six engine which is perfect for anyone looking to show it off to their friends. It's sort of a given in the classic car collecting community that the original engine is the most desirable part of the car. Utilizing that powerhouse, you can squeeze a hefty 215 horsepower out of this tiny German racer which would have been a lot back in the day. While this isn't the only attractive thing about this car, it certainly helps along with some of the other original parts whose style and engineering still impress us today.

One such piece of equipment is the transmission which clearly had a role to play in the car’s driving experience and performance. This gearbox used four speeds and a  manual configuration to make a very engaging and in-control drive-quality. On top of  that, the vehicle also still has the original fuel-injection and belly pans which allude to the car’s performance heritage. All of this adds up to a great sports car with all the pinnash and spunk German race cars are well known for. If that sounds appealing to you then you should definitely consider adding this Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing to your automotive collection.

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