2020 Ford GT Is America’s Greatest Supercar

Mar 9, 2022 3 min read
2020 Ford GT Is America’s Greatest Supercar

This car is possibly the most significant supercar to ever hit the American sales floor and now it could be yours.

While you can look back to the past of companies like GM and Mopar and find hundreds of different models whose primary focus was performance, there have only been about two Ford vehicles of that caliber. The Ford Motor company was mainly focused on building cars for ordinary people until Ferrari took it upon themselves to make "Hank the Deuce" look like a fool. Hot-headed as he was, the company took an immediate turn towards performance which birthed two of America's favorite vehicles. One of these cars was the Ford Mustang in 1964, but the car we are talking about is the iconic GT40. This great car had a great life on tracks across the globe before its discontinuation in 1969 and eventually revival in 2006.

This 2020 Ford GT has got to be the most significant vehicle to ever hit the Ford drawing board as it combines all of the style of the first generation with the sort of modern performance that only a modern supercar can provide. Powering this beast is a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that manages to push out a massive 650 horsepower and 550 ft/lbs of torque. While some were confused about why Ford would opt for a six-cylinder considering the brand's past use of the V8, this car seems to benefit significantly from the change as it allows it to be lighter and much quicker than any previous model. These cars are indeed a different kind of track monster than the first and second generation and, whether you like it or not, we can all agree that it is a marvel of racing design.

One of the most striking things about the car is the bronze, gold, and pink color scheme, a callback to the Holman Moody Mk2 GT40. This car was built as a unique addition to honoring the great racers that came before it. After only having driven around 975 miles in its life, it is now ready to grace the garage of a new dedicated enthusiast. Everything from the bold stance of this sleek supercar to the fiery "Atomic Gold" paint job brings forth memories of the early days at Le Mans. Of course, this is quite fitting as both cars were made for that very same track, but this car has something that the original lacked. That is its ability to provide you with a road-legal and safety-oriented driving experience that still leaves you shaking from the raw bite of acceleration. If that's what you're looking for, then you'll never be disappointed with this beautiful American supercar.

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