Completely Original Unrestored 1967 Corvette Offers Collectors A Super Rare Opportunity

May 19, 2021 2 min read
Completely Original Unrestored 1967 Corvette Offers Collectors A Super Rare Opportunity

Today’s collector car market is overflowing with fully restored and restomod examples of nearly every car. However, for the collector seeking the truly unique car, it doesn’t get better than the survivor or an unrestored original.

Cars can be restored any number of times and restorations, no matter how poorly they are done, can be redone over and over again. These can go as far as desired with modifications to suit the owner or be as simple as a return to original condition. This is especially true with classic cars as they offer the most blank slate, if you will. Now we are not saying that there is not something to be said about the classic style and modern performance of a properly done restomod, but rather just stating the clear fact that a car is only original once and if you find that well preserved original example of your favorite car, then you have found something truly special. For the Corvette enthusiast or collector, this 1967 427 Corvette "Survivor" being offered by GT Motor Cars may just be one of the best examples the collector market has ever seen.

In this car’s 54 years, it has never before been restored or even sold publicly. It was purchased new in 1967 by its original owner who kept the car in good condition and made sure the car was well documented. Approximately 28 years later, the torch was passed to the car’s second owner, this time for 19 years before passing it off to a third owner. Today, this true time capsule wears a light patina over its original Marlboro Maroon finish and the interior shows light wear. Under the hood is the original 427-cid big block engine that is factory rated at 435 horsepower.

All of this comes together to support the claim that the 28K-miles showing on the odometer is original and this 1967 Corvette has never been restored in any way. Although, the car is accompanied by one of the most comprehensive sets of documentation that can be expected. This includes the original trim tags and VIN plates, original owners manual and “Protect-O-Plate”, tank sticker, service records, titles, registrations, insurance cards, and original keys. It even comes with original photos taken by the car’s first owner when the car was new. For more information on this investment grade car and how to add it to your collection click here.

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