1966 Pontiac LeMans GTO Tribute Has Custom Touches Throughout

Sep 7, 2021 2 min read
1966 Pontiac LeMans GTO Tribute Has Custom Touches Throughout

It’s like owning a GTO with upgrades!

The GTO was originally born from a bit of corporate subterfuge. At the time, corporate policy dictated that midsize cars were limited to engines no larger than 330 cubic inches.

However, this rule didn't apply to option packages – so the GTO package became an option on top of the LeMans package, which itself was an option package on top of the Pontiac Tempest. If it sounds confusing, don't feel too bad. It was somewhat intentional.

The car became a wild success and kicked off the muscle car era as we know it. As you probably know, the Pontiac GTO is a very hot property in the muscle car world. However, since it's built on top of the Le Mans platform, it's entirely possible to build your own from a less-expensive base car.

That's exactly what the owner of this car did. Starting with a 1966 LeMans convertible, they built a convincing replica. This particular car is so well done that it was featured in the 2017 Autorama show in Detroit, MI.

It’s powered by a massive 400 cubic inch engine, which is backed by a six-speed manual transmission. This 1966 LeMans GTO Tribute features some additional customizations like a mini tub to fit some beefy 335/40/19 tires. The suspension is customized with Detroit Speed and Engineering full coilover suspension. The big engine exhales through a throaty Magnaflow exhaust, and additional upgrades can be found throughout. See it here.

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