1952 Chevy 3600 Provides An Affordable Way To Get A Classic

Apr 24, 2020 3 min read
1952 Chevy 3600 Provides An Affordable Way To Get A Classic

At just $15,900 this classic American pickup truck is in great shape.

Fans of classic pickup trucks know this 1953 Chevrolet 3600 5-Window is something special. The split windshield was a feature on these Advanced Design trucks, which originally launched in 1946. It was in 1954 that the one-piece windshield was launched, so finding one of these five-window pickup trucks can require some hunting.

1952 Chevy 3600 Provides An Affordable Way To Get A Classic

This particular Chevy seems to be pretty clean and well-sorted, making it a perfect acquisition if you’re looking for a vehicle you can take the rest of the way. All those light blue body panels are straight and have consistent gaps between, while the trim pieces are present and also looking good. In fact, the chrome bumpers, grille, headlight bezels, etc. all have a nice shine to them, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to find out they were recently redone. Matching light blue hubcaps add a nice touch.

While this truck looks good, it’s not show quality by any stretch. The place where that’s most obvious is the payload, where the boards are weathered and either need to be replaced or refinished. Other small blemishes in the paint could be corrected.

1952 Chevy 3600 Provides An Affordable Way To Get A Classic

As for the cab, it’s mostly original, including the steering wheel, dash, gauges, and controls. A light cream on the metal surfaces keeps that classic look going, while the bench seat is covered with a durable cloth upholstery. Mounted under the dash is a modern stereo, a nice feature to have for long drives or cruises through town.

Underneath the alligator hood is a straight-six, which routes power to a three-speed transmission. The block and head have been painted orange, while the rest of the engine bay is overall clean and presentable.

One big area of concern when working with classics is electrical, but this Chevrolet has been converted to 12V, so you’re good to go there. In fact, the seller says the turn signals work, so you don’t have to deal with any electrical gremlins.

Even though this 1952 Chevrolet 3600 isn’t perfect in every way, it’s in good solid condition, especially when you consider Vintage Planet has it listed for $15,900. If you’ve been looking for an affordable, turn-key vehicle to get into collecting classics, this could be your ticket.

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