1934 Ford Roadster Hides Mopar Powerhouse

Feb 17, 2022 2 min read
1934 Ford Roadster Hides Mopar Powerhouse

This incredible car was the first step to the incredible Ford performance lineage and now sports a very different powertrain.

The 1930s were an incredible time for the original American automotive manufacturer we all know, Ford. Prohibition had birthed the need for a reliable and robust V8 car for moonshines who needed to transport beverages while evading the police. These wild hotrodders began buying these cars left and right until 1933 when prohibition was abolished, and the American people were free to drink once again. Those old beer-loving speed-junkies needed a way to spend all of their cash as many of them went legit with the alcohol business and began racing their cars at local dirt roads and tracks. This birthed the NASCAR racing series, which has a very obvious stake in our modern automotive culture. Today, we will look at the car that made all of this possible. This is a 1934 Roadster, and while it may not have a Ford v8 under the hood, it certainly shows off its high-speed history incredibly well.

Powering this insane little beast is a massive 426 ci Hemi V8 engine which you might remember as another legend from the golden age of automotive art. That ridiculous powerhouse sports 671 Blower on the top of its block, making an unbelievable amount of boost. While it is unsure how much power this thing makes, forced induction or otherwise, we know it is well over the 500 or even 600 horsepower mark! It should also be said that this car came from the factory, weighing in at just 2,300lbs making it an insanely overpowered car for its weight class. All of that power is transferred to the rear wheels through a 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission, which makes everything an incredible adventure from drag racing to burnouts.

The exterior is a stunning work of art as the Burgundy paint reflects a time when it was still cool to be sleek and low profile. Of course, the massive V8 sticking out of the hood makes subtlety a fool's errand, but it indeed reflects what the car was likely initially purchased for. The thing that genuinely punctuates the car's natural beauty is the set of chrome vintage wheels which shine out like a beacon to any car enthusiast lucky enough to see this car pass by. While you already know about all of the performance parts that make this car an incredible driving experience, you must admit that the interior is pretty luxurious. It's not every day you see the interior of a hotrod sport this much attention to detail which is exactly why this car belongs with someone who will appreciate the incredible dedication and effort that went into making this dream a reality.

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