1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan Is The Perfect Cruiser With Luxury And Power

Jan 25, 2022 2 min read
1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan Is The Perfect Cruiser With Luxury And Power

This is the perfect car for any cruising, showing off, or spirited driving with a convertible top and tons of hp for its era!

Classic cars from the 1930s can be some of the most exciting pieces of automotive art ever created, as they were in an era of experimental design and engineering. You won't find any other time in automotive history as significant as the 1930s as it paved the way for the modern automobiles that we all know and love today. Some of the most excellent cars of the time boasted mighty straight-eight engines, tons of attention to detail on the interior and exterior, and a vast array of crazy color combos to choose from. This particular car is no exception to that rule as it was one of the most desirable cars of its time and has since increased in value by more than 100 fold. So what is this excellent '30s speed demon that we were so excited to talk about?

This is a 1933 Auburn Convertible Sedan that sports so truly iconic features throughout, such as the suicide doors, which seem ever-present on luxury cars from nearly every era. Comfort was a primary focus for the designers of this car which is very prevalent when examining the interior. The inside of this car may not seem like much to our eyes, which the luxuries of modern technology have spoiled, but this was some top-of-the-line product in its prime. Everything from the green leather seating to the silver dash cluster is meant to carry the beautiful aesthetic presented by the exterior over to the interior.

Under the hood is the original L-head 268.6 ci straight-eight engine, which produces a very respectable 105 horsepower which was an excellent figure for the time as American eight-cylinder engines were starting to kick up some serious power. The three-speed manual transmission provides a very engaging driving experience, which allows for timely acceleration and high cruising speeds. This is the perfect vehicle to combine the style and luxury of the 1930s with the power and performance provided by a straight-eight engine. If you are a classic car enthusiast with a passion for vintage performance, then this car is for you.

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