The car community shows their true colors. The road ahead spells one thing: we're in this together.

Amidst all the bad news, we need something positive to look to - after several weeks of dealing with the different aspects of COVID-19, where do we drive? Metaphorically, emotionally, and literally, were do we downshift and steer to shoot the gap?

From isolating mandatory shelter-in-place orders, to toilet paper shortages, to adapting to remote work environments, and the broadening uncertainty about the economy, nobody is untouched.

The car community has done what the car community is known to do, and that is band together around a common goal to promote a positive outlook. The following videos are examples of the passion around our hobby. Please bookmark them share them with your fellow gearheads who need a reminder that, even though we are driving apart for the first time ever, we are driving together.

#PoweredbySpeedDigital - #AmplifiedbyMotorious
Barrett-Jackson We're all in this together.
Hagerty - The Road Ahead

Here at Motorious, we are together, apart - we are friends above co-workers, family even, and we consider you an integral part of our circle. During these trying times, we are here for our readers, tell us your stories - your best ride, your scariest one, the car that shaped you, and whaetever you have to share.

Whether you're a first generation enthusiast, or carrying on the legacy from your great grandparents, the buck does not stop here. We are in this together, and cannot wait to cruise with you again.

What inspires you? Please share in the comments below.

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