Interview With A Detailer

Jul 5, 2024 2 min read
Interview With A Detailer

We have on a professional car detailer to share some hilarious and weird stories of detailing, and offer advice to maintain your vehicle at home.

It was last December when I was browsing online portfolios and gathering referrals to do one thing I never thought I’d do: hire someone else to detail my car. Since I bought my first car at 17, the Navy Blue Metallic Firebird Formula I still have, I’ve been detailing my own car. Actually, when my son was a baby, I’d let him roll around in his baby walker toy in the driveway while I spent hours buffing and cleaning - if I wanted the car I raced on the weekends to stay in show shape, I had to do it, plus it was therapeutic.

Check out the detailer interview here:

So the kids get older, and multiply, work goes long most days, and I really don’t have much product on hand, but I want that same NBM Formula and my newly acquired (one model year color code) red Hellcat to look spiffy for the holidays. I am the kind of person who hasn’t had great luck with service, I’m not a complainer, but the window tint guy my friends raved over left bubbles in the tint, the alignment shop everyone told me to go to for my lowered car took off some paint on the lip, and so on. Having bad experiences with your cars, when you love them so much, will leave you pretty sheepish, and I wasn’t going to mess around.

When I found Mobile Exotic Detailing, they were patient and answered every one of my neurotic questions, with answers that even went over my head. Let me stop here and say that I am not being paid, nor is anyone at Motorious to endorse this company, nor are we specifically endorsing the business. I paid full price for the detailing of both of my vehicles, and later one the ceramic service of the Hellcat.

After the detailing, and most certainly the ceramic coating, I was looking at my cars in a new way. The Hellcat, with less than 15K on the clock, and garaged, looked like a new car. Joe breaks down why it looked better than sitting on the showroom floor, as well as answering some of our questions about weird things he’s had to clean up, and tips for at-home detailing in this special episode of the Motorious Podcast.

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