Use these cutouts to turn your pumpkin into a collectible, sort of.

A few years ago, I printed off a 4th-generation Firebird logo, taped it to a pumpkin, traced it with a push pin, and cut it out. It was my favorite pumpkin, and was a total hit when I shared it online. As I sit here with four pumpkins that are still not Halloween ready, I want to recreate our four vehicles on each, or at least the  - my 1998 Formula (that I'm always mentioning), Dodge Charger 392, Silverado, and my son's Tahoe. And while searching, I found some good car-themed cutouts that I wanted to share. So here are some ideas for the coolest pumpkins around.

This is a little more advanced than the original logo I mentioned, so here are the official directions, per We R Mopar:

  • Clean out the inside of you pumpkin and wash the surface with soap and water
  • Download and print the PDF file using the greyscale setting under preferences
  • Tape the printout over the flattest part of the pumpkin’s face
  • Very carefully use a serrated knife to cut out the lines on the sheet
  • Pay close attention to the instructions and take your time

And the finished product is pretty cool, just don't be surprised if it gets stolen.

From detailed, to basic, this pumpkin is more my speed, skill wise. Get the download here.

This Porsche GT3 RS cutout comes courtesy of, and their finished product is pretty legit.

Personally, the details in the wheel spokes and exhaust tips would test my patience, but again, my skill level for crafts is low.

There's a few out there for the Chevy fans, I like the detail on the Corvette, personally.

A few more from Chrysler, the image on the right reminds us of a few Challengers we covered over the summer.

If you're going as Godzilla this Halloween, we have the perfect pumpkin stencil for you!

Curiously, there does seem to be a lack of classic and vintage templates out there. We're not sure how some of the most beautiful cars ever made haven't inspired a few pumpkin stencils, but there's a lack of them. We've seen some pumpkins representing these cars, but little in the way of anything other than vector images. If you know where to find these, please send them to us so we can include them.

Happy Halloween!

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