Giant Skeleton on Wheels: A Halloween Delight in Springfield

Oct 5, 2023 1 min read
Giant Skeleton on Wheels: A Halloween Delight in Springfield

It's wheeling a 1929 Ford Roadster.

As the leaves turn amber and Halloween draws near, Springfield has its very own "bone-mobile" grabbing eyeballs and making headlines. Local car enthusiast, Brad Bashor, is cruising the city streets in his refurbished 1929 Ford Roadster, accompanied not just by his girlfriend, Erika Haas, but by a mammoth 12-foot skeleton.

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The Roadster, rusty and reminiscent of yesteryears, was painstakingly brought back to life by Bashor, who scoured the nation for parts to resurrect the 94-year-old beauty. But the real show-stealer is the gigantic skeleton, a last year's acquisition from Home Depot, now made to match the car's vintage appeal. "We wanted them to look like they've been unearthed from the same grave," Bashor remarked with a chuckle.

Brad's passion project, which he embarked on three years ago, isn't just a personal indulgence. “I thrive on the attention,” confessed Bashor. The sight of this unique vehicle on the streets, with its historic vibe and skeletal passenger, often leads to smiles, photo-ops, and particularly for the younger fans, a fascination with its horn.

However, cruising around in an almost century-old car adorned with a skeleton isn’t without its hiccups. Bashor recalls a rather humorous incident where the skeleton's head came loose and rolled onto the roadway. “I had quite a bit of apologizing to do,” he said, laughing off the incident.

As if a towering skeleton wasn't enough to turn heads, Erika Haas adds her own flair to the mix. Dressed in the unmistakable style of the 1950s, akin to a pin-up model, Haas is a testament to the elegance, playfulness, and allure of that era. She enthusiastically shares her love for the '50s look, admitting she often dons it, even for mundane errands like grocery shopping.

The spirited couple, with their unique vehicle, have one simple message for Springfield's residents this October: "Embrace the Halloween spirit! Dress up, decorate everything - homes, cars, and let's revel in the spooky season,” enthused Bashor.

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