Another Classic Car Collection Left To Rot

Feb 23, 2022 2 min read
Another Classic Car Collection Left To Rot

This collection is possibly the largest gathering of utility vehicles, economy cars, and American muscle cars to ever be discovered in Europe.

Some of the most remarkable collections of classic cars from across the world have been found in the vast United Kingdom. Everything from vintage BMWs to even some of the rarest American muscle cars can be found in that incredible land, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a collection as large as this one. Everything from old Ford utility vans to German automobiles built for rough terrain can be found here, but there are a few cars that caught our eye particularly well. You'll see exactly what we're talking about in just a few seconds as these cars have seen some terrifying times during their lives. The three cars that greet you at the entrance are outstanding examples of this.

To the far left, you have a pretty well-kept Audi 100, which has survived the past few decades under a tin shelter, but that is where the trend of good condition ends. The middle vehicle in this trio of titanic proportions is a white late-model Chevrolet Nova, which has a smidge of exterior fire damage. Unfortunately, this damage continues to the interior, where you will find a mass of burnt leather and rusted-out interior metal pieces. While we can't see the engine bay, it's safe to say that this thing won't be driving around any time soon. Interestingly enough, the surrounding area also has some fire damage and the side view mirror of the white Ford Transit sitting to the car's right.

An astonishing number of Ford Transits are scattered throughout the property, with one such model sporting a ton of moss. However, these are far from the only utility vehicles on the lot as there is a massive surprise waiting within the confines of a barn. This is a Land Rover 110, which has been garage kept since it first rolled off the factory line as confirmed by the side mirrors, which are still wrapped in plastic. This is the most incredible car in the field and was a fantastic surprise for the guys exploring the vast collection.

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