There are plenty of ways to sell your car these days, but here is why you should let an auction company do all the work.

Selling a car is one of the most important aspects of classic car ownership, but if you don't know what you're doing, this could also be one of the biggest headaches. Worse yet, you could be forgoing extra profit from these sales, which is basically just adding insult to injury. While there are many ways to sell a car these days, choosing an auction company is the best for sellers looking for a hands-off approach... unless you want your neighbor to list your car on Craigslist for you.

Find Qualified Buyers

The worst part about selling cars is the wasted time from tire kickers and day dreamers. Selling a car at auction puts your classic in front of a crowd of pre-qualified buyers maximizing chances of getting the car sold.

Get More Exposure

Putting the sale of your classic car in the hands of the experts means that it will get more exposure than listing it yourself. Auction companies do plenty of marketing, SEO and social media work to get more eyes on cars who might not normally have seen the car. As an added bonus, online auction listings also provide an opportunity for enthusiast websites – such as Motorious – to cover interesting vehicles bringing even more exposure for sellers.

Create A Bidding War

From a sellers perspective, the best part about auctions is the opportunity to create a bidding war among potential buyers. In the heat of the moment, stated car values go out the window especially when sentimental value comes into play.

Online Or IRL

In the wake of COVID-19, the importance of online auctions has become obvious as it allows collectors to bid on vehicles from the comfort and safety of their own computer. Of course, nothing beats getting to see the car in person and while it's crossing the auction block, which is why live auctions will always be the most exciting way to sell a car. Either way you choose to go, some auctions only charge a consignment fee if your car actually sells!

No Weirdos Coming To Your Home

Whether you're selling your car in an online auction or at a live auction, the biggest benefit is that you don't have to worry about inviting strangers to your home. Not only is this important during COVID, it also protects sellers from potential scams and/or theft.

If selling your car at auction is right for you, be sure to check out the Vicari Auction's 2020 Cruisin' The Coast event combining a three-day car auction with a week of festivities for car lovers. There's still plenty of time until this event, so contact Vicari Auctions for more information on how to consign your classic or collectible car.  

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