The Baddest ZR1 Chevy Colorado Ever

Sep 6, 2023 1 min read
The Baddest ZR1 Chevy Colorado Ever

With a searing 1,011-horsepower...

If you’re a horsepower junkie and dream of sleeper vehicles that hold their secrets well, prepare to be floored. The team at Izzy Performance, led by the renowned mechanic and custom car builder Izzy Venezuela, has done the unthinkable. They've taken a seemingly ordinary 2006 Chevy Colorado and turned it into the ONLY existing Colorado ZR1, a monstrosity that packs an outrageous 1,011 horsepower.

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Let's talk numbers first. The truck's heart is a Corvette LS9 V-8 engine. With aftermarket modifications, it delivers a head-spinning 810 horsepower. But don't stop counting, because the Colorado ZR1's arsenal also includes two nitrous bottles hidden under the tonneau cover. When these bad boys kick in, the horsepower catapults to an astronomical 1,011.

From the outside, this Colorado is an enigma. Save for some snazzy Forgeline wheels, it looks like your average mid-size pickup. That's right—no flaming decals, no spoilers—just a stoic façade. It’s what you’d call a "sleeper," a vehicle that hides its racing DNA behind a deceptively normal exterior.

Now, here's where it gets even more thrilling. This truck isn't just a lab experiment; it’s a track demon. Equipped with upgraded traction control and racing suspension, it's gone wheel to wheel with icons like the Mustang Shelby GT500 and lived to tell the tale.

And if you’re wondering about Izzy Venezuela, he’s no stranger to defying automotive norms. Known for his wizardry in transforming everyday vehicles into speed fiends, his California-based garage, Izzy Performance, has been the birthplace of some of the fastest cars in Southern California.

So, for those who are in the habit of underestimating pickups, take note. The 2006 Colorado ZR1 is here to rewrite the rulebook and leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about what a mid-size truck could do.

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