One-Year Only Packard Roadster Benefits From Long Term Ownership

Oct 25, 2023 3 min read
One-Year Only Packard Roadster Benefits From Long Term Ownership

This Stunning Packard Is Selling Friday On Bring A Trailer.

Deep in the annals of automotive history, certain cars stand out not just for their engineering prowess but for their sheer elegance and artistry. One such gem is the 1932 Packard Light Eight Model 900 Roadster Coupe. From its introduction at the New York Auto Show in January 1932, the Light Eight endeavored to fuse luxury with accessibility, beckoning a new segment of luxury aficionados.

Once the heartthrob of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, this Roadster Coupe began its tale on March 30, 1932, marking its place in the limited production chronicles. It was more than just another car; it was Packard’s gateway into the entry-level luxury market. Its design was distinct, shedding 490 lbs compared to the Standard Eight, and spotlighting a grille that dared to defy conventions. The absence of the headlight tie bar and the pronounced curve of the grille gave it a unique, unforgettable silhouette.

This Roadster Coupe, with its lustrous brown finish adorned by orange pinstripes, tells tales of love and dedication. It was lovingly maintained by its first owner until 1960 and then became the muse of a future doctor for 58 enduring years. Its body speaks of a meticulous five-year refurbishment carried out in the late 1970s by a Duesenberg specialist from New Jersey. Each detail, from the wood framework to the monogramed initials on its doors, echoes the passion and craftsmanship of its restorers.

Behind the wheel, one is greeted by an opulent interior. Tufted brown leather seamlessly blends with tan carpeting, while woodgrain door caps and dual gloveboxes embellish the cabin. One glovebox even houses a clock, a gentle nod to the bygone era's luxury. The three-spoke steering wheel, outfitted with controls for lighting and the vacuum-operated automatic clutch control system, accentuates the driver-centric design.

But beneath its beauty lies a beast. The 320ci inline-eight engine, shared with the revered Standard Eight model, is a marvel of 1930s engineering. With nine main crankshaft bearings and aluminum pistons, it was designed for robustness. The addition of an in-head thermostat and an intake heater ensures optimal performance, producing a respectable 110 horsepower.

However, it isn’t just the engineering or the artistry that makes this Roadster Coupe iconic. It's the car's illustrious journey, from winning the CCCA Premier Senior First Prize to gracing the 1999 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Having witnessed the East Coast's splendor on various tours and then residing in America's Packard Museum, Dayton, Ohio, the Coupe has become a mobile chronicle of automotive history.

Now, this Shovelnose Roadster Coupe stands on dealer consignment, bearing a clean Arizona title and awaiting its next curator. It's not just a car; it's a chapter of automotive history waiting to be explored and celebrated.

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