GT-37 Shows What Makes It One Of Pontiac’s Most Unique Muscle Cars

Feb 9, 2023 1 min read
GT-37 Shows What Makes It One Of Pontiac’s Most Unique Muscle Cars

Have you ever seen this rare drag racer?

When most people see an old second generation Pontiac, chances are it's a low-level trim and, as cool as that is, it's just not the same as seeing a high performance model. It's particularly cool to see one that proudly shows off what engine it's got under the hood with a knowledgeable driver behind the wheel. Well, in this case, that's exactly what the people got with an engine that only the best cars of its kind got and a paint job that has left an impression on thousands. So what exactly makes this Gold GT-37 so special?

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First of all, have you seriously ever heard of the GT-37? Because most enthusiasts’ relationship with Pontiac doesn't stray much from the Firebird and GTO which makes this car very unique. It's awesome to see such a rare automobile showing off its style but that certainly isn't the only part of the body that makes it attractive. Gold has always been a hit or miss color with cars but for some reason, on Pontiacs, it makes these cars incredibly iconic. This particular paint code is called Quezal Gold and is probably the most noticeable piece of the puzzle.

Under the hood you’ll find a 455 cubic inch big-block V8 engine with a ton of power and torque for the driver to really explore his own limits. Connected to that is a four-speed manual transmission, a very sought-after option for the time as automatics sort of sucked at that time. We live in a very interesting time as our modern sports cars, made between the late ‘90s up to today, are sort of the first ones to consistently beat classic muscle cars like this stock for stock. Even still, the manufacturer originally built the car for drag racing, something this car likely excels at.

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