Ford's New Mustang GTD: The Most Radical Pony Yet?

Aug 21, 2023 1 min read
Ford's New Mustang GTD: The Most Radical Pony Yet?

A Glimpse into Ford's Revolutionary Mustang GTD.

Recent buzz in the automobile world suggests that the Ford Mustang is evolving, and it's doing so in a groundbreaking way. With the Mustang GTD coming into the limelight, this pony car promises to rewrite the rules of design and performance.

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Shortly after rumors hinted at Ford unveiling a mid-engined Mustang at Monterey Car Week, a video emerged online, giving the world a tantalizing glimpse of this revolutionary vehicle. This sneak peek, courtesy of YouTuber StangMode, showcased what might be the boldest Mustang design to date.

A key observation from the video suggests the Mustang GTD's engine placement isn’t the traditional mid-engine, as many speculated. Instead of adopting the rear mid-engine style seen in models like the C8 Corvette, Ford seems to have opted for a unique approach. It appears the engine could be nestled behind the front axle—providing a mid-engine feel but with a distinct twist. Another theory circulating suggests that Ford might have ingeniously fit the engine behind the seats.

Contrary to initial whispers in the auto community, the Mustang GTD might retain the foundational platform of its standard Mustang counterpart. The manufacturing baton for this audacious model will reportedly be handed to Multimatic in Canada. If this sounds familiar, it's because Multimatic is the very same powerhouse that assembles the acclaimed Ford GT supercar and the racing variants of the Mustang.

Interestingly, while the 'GTD' moniker does echo motorsport vibes, sources hint that this avant-garde Mustang variant is destined for the streets, marking it as the ultimate road car. As the auto world awaits more details, the Mustang GTD has certainly stoked the fires of anticipation and excitement.

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