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Fast and Furious 1987 Buick GNX Stunt Car For Sale

If you like movie cars and Grand Nationals, today is your lucky day! At first glance of this 1987 Buick GNX listing, it’s hard not to wonder why the heck you would want to buy a wrecked car? Then you find out why the GNX is being sold in the damaged condition, and it’s actually a pretty cool fin...
By Elizabeth Puckett Mar 20, 2019

20 Years Of The 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena

The Ferrari F355 was a tough act to follow, but the Prancing Horse for the new millennium addressed its critics The Ferrari F355 was a hugely significant model for the Prancing Horse as it marked a return to form after a series of mediocre red cars. Its 328 looked the part, but didn’t move the s...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 20, 2019

This Is The Affordable Alternative To The Pontiac GTO

This Pontiac Tempest LeMans is the perfect alternative to one of the sixties most revered muscle cars The Tempest was Pontiac's first foray into the world of compact vehicles in 1960. By 1964 the second generation was due and featured the A body platform, a design that was kept in use until 1997...
By Max Holder Mar 20, 2019

This Rusty Porsche 911 S Has Got Soul

This Porsche is far from concours quality, but it's all the better for it There’s nothing better than seeing a perfectly polished classic taking pride of place in someone’s well curated collection… Or is there? You see, while a vintage car looking immaculate is very impressive, all that restorat...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 20, 2019

Just Put That Hammer Down And Give It Hell In This ‘76 Trans Am

This 1976 Pontiac Trans Am was the first year of the famous Black Special Edition that became synonymous with Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am – a name that conjures an uncanny desire to become a legend in the name of beer and power slides. Despite the Firebird livery covering particular models o...
By Max Holder Mar 20, 2019

The MP4-T5 Slowest McLaren Ever Made

It might possess 0hp, but the McLaren MP4-T5 is an extremely advanced machine McLaren is a name that has been associated with high performance since its motorsport inception in 1963. Engineer and racer Bruce McLaren had a vision for his team that was driven by innovation. Even after its founder’...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 19, 2019

This 790HP Custom Chevrolet Camaro Is SEMA Royalty

Designed as a street-legal hotrod, this 1969 Camaro has won multiple awards Customizing a classic car is often a question of taste, with each build reflecting the desires of its creator. Some of these restomods can be cringe inducing, but other serve to elevate the car on which it is based. This...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 19, 2019

Alec Baldwin Is John DeLorean In New Biopic

John DeLorean was an icon of the automotive world, but also a controversial one. This new movie tells his story Regardless of your take on his 1982 FBI charges, John DeLorean was a remarkable man within the automotive world, and his wider life. Still to this day the youngest division head Genera...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 19, 2019

Does This Private Honda Collection Beat Honda’s Own?

This collection was setup by RealTime Racing founder and features some of Honda’s rarest machines Car collections appear in various forms across the globe, with manufacturers typically boasting the cream of the crop when it boils down to single marque collections. That said, every once in a whil...
By Max Holder Mar 19, 2019

This Austin FX4 Is The Real London Taxi

For the right fare, you can take this historic taxicab home! In 1958, the Austin Motor Company teamed up with London taxi dealership Mann & Overton – and coachbuilder, Carbodies – to produce a proper successor to the widely successful FX3 taxi cab. What the three companies came up with was t...
By Elizabeth Puckett Mar 19, 2019

This Rare 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack Is Perfect

Lovingly restored by its owner of the past 25 years, this muscle car is 1 of 989 four-speed cars. The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car icon, and this rare model found on eBay is a shining example of what a well-looked after model can be. Appearing as fresh as the day it rolled out of the showroo...
By Tyler Heatley Mar 19, 2019

Low Mileage E30 M3 Has Rare Interior Specification

This 1988 BMW E30 M3 sports just 47,000 miles from new in quite a rare color combination and is looking for a new home Like most range topping cars of the last six decades, homologation specials seem to have created some of the finest cars of all time. UR Quattro, Lancia Stratos, Subaru Impreza ...
By Max Holder Mar 18, 2019

Bag Your Own 1993 'Jurassic Park' Ford Explorer!

Fancy reliving Jurassic Park without the bloodshed and violence? This 1993 Ford Explorer Jurassic Park replica is just your ticket. Dinosaur optional Back in 1993, the world went mad for dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Jurassic Park spawned a generation of youngsters obsessed with ar...
By Calum Brown Mar 18, 2019
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Camaro: A Small Vicious Animal That Eats Mustangs For Breakfast

This restomod Chevrolet Camaro 454 ci supercharged is jaw dropping in every way, and harks back to GM’s Pete Estes iconic conference call to the press The first generation Chevrolet Camaro was GM’s answer to Ford's new segment: the Pony Car. Taking the fight to Ford directly, GM were determined ...
By Max Holder Mar 18, 2019

This Car Is An Audi TT, Corvette And 1937 Chevrolet All In One

LS1 powered Corvette hybrid with Audi TT body shell took 6000 hours to build and sports just 1800 miles This concoction of three separate cars took 6000 hours to build. As a combination of one ‘37 Chevy, a fourth-generation Corvette and first-generation Audi TT, this machine is one weird mix. A...
By Max Holder Mar 18, 2019

Rare Shooting Brake Volvo 1800ES Is Perfect And Could Be Yours

Having enjoyed fame through the iconic television series The Saint, the Volvo P1800 ES is an alternative to the more common coupe Volvo isn’t a manufacturer that anyone would associate with the word ‘sporty’. Come to think of it, Volvo also isn’t a manufacturer that has ever offered anything res...
By Max Holder Mar 15, 2019

Is This The Biggest W20 MR2 Collection In North America?

YouTuber Roads Untraveled visits an MR2 enthusiast who owns 14 Toyota MR2s with some particularly rare examples We can all happily admit that we like cars. Some of us like particular brands more than others, and some even have a particular model that sparks the emotion and dilates the pupils. No...
By Max Holder Mar 15, 2019

This $550 Porsche 944 Makes The Ultimate Daily Beater

Having spent the last 15 years drowning in mould, this 944 has been revived in the coolest way possible We all know it, the Porsche 944 was never really that spectacular. With an inline four, and fairly conservative styling, it was never going to be taking pride of place on the bedroom wall. Wit...
By Max Holder Mar 15, 2019

This Restored 1949 Dodge Power Wagon Is Beyond Cool

Pick-up Trucks don't come any cooler than this 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. This one is heading to auction with Premier Auction Group Produced in various forms from 1945 through 1981, Dodge’s Power Wagon has endured the test of time with sheer tenacity. An absolute icon of post-war Americana, the fi...
By Calum Brown Mar 14, 2019

As New Abarth Upgraded Bugeye Sprite Is Heading To Auction

This 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite is has benefitted from a full rotisserie restoration and comes in stunning Aston Martin paint job Known as one of the cutest cars ever produced, the affectionately named Bugeye (or Frogeye) Austin Healey Sprite is one of the most bare boned sports cars ever ...
By Max Holder Mar 14, 2019

Low Mileage XJS V12 Could Be A Bargain At Auction

This attractive facelift 1992 Jaguar XJS V12 boasts very low mileage and sports one of the best colour combinations When Jaguar's new XJ-S was unveiled in 1975, everybody hated it. As a spiritual successor to the trend-setting XKE, Coventry's new flagship model failed to strike a chord with both...
By Max Holder Mar 14, 2019
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