1994 Dodge Viper



Owners of previous Vipers asked, and Dodge saw to it that they received.

1994 Dodge Viper

Owners of previous Vipers asked, and Dodge saw to it that they received. The 1994 Dodge Viper was the first year the Viper had air-conditioning installed as a factory option, a major advance for this powerful sports car. But don't worry. In adding this single, but wonderful, comfort, the 1994 didn't lose any of the power or acceleration that the Dodge Viper had become famous for.

Other than A/C, not much changed for year, but more and more enthusiasts were jumping on the Viper bandwagon with production almost tripling from the previous year.

Production Numbers

R/T 10 Convertible 3,083
Total Production 3,083

Performance Specs

Engine Size Transmission HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
V10 8.0 l, 488ci 6-speed manual 400 480 lb-ft 4.6 sec 13.1 sec


  • Borg-Warner 6-speed

Paint & Colors


Viper Red
Emerald Green
Dandelion Yellow
Viper Black



OEM Brochures

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