1976 Porsche 911



Porsche headlined the mightiest 911 yet, the Turbo Carrera.

At first glance, the 1976 models were hard to distinguish from their predecessors which provoked the then head of sales Lars Roger Schmidt to ask on the occasion of its presentation, ”You may well be asking – what is Porsche thinking of, inviting 100 journalists from near and far to come and see such trivial details?”

Of course, they did have a convincing reason; Porsche had a minor sensation up its sleeve. ”One year’s guarantee with no mileage limit for all Porsche vehicles and an additional six year guarantee for all bodywork and floor parts including supporting elements. The latter had been made possible because Porsche had acted as forerunner for the entire car industry in introducing hot-galvanized steel plate for bodywork production. In the meantime non-rusting aluminum was employed for bumpers, wheels, rear axle suspension links, front axle cross members, engine housing, cylinders and pistons and gearbox and steering housings.

In 1976 Porsche still made the 911 S Targa, the 911 S Coupe and the 911 E with few changes. However, Porsche headlined the mightiest 911 yet, the Turbo Carrera. They advertised it as “The Ultimate Porsche” and so it was. The turbocharged engine made an enormous boost on command, but still kept the Porsche handling to go along with it.

Though obviously 911-based, the Turbo Carrera was so heavily modified, both structurally and mechanically, that it was given its own factory type number, 930. The 930 was the fastest road car Porsche had ever produced, yet road-testers found it docile around town and blessed with handling that was surprisingly benign for such a potent rear-engine machine. All this moved one journalist to describe it as "the finest blend of ultimate performance and refinement I have ever come across," a view that found wide agreement the world over.

Production Numbers

911 10,667
Total Production 10,667

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
2.7L 911S 2.7L F/I 157 at 6200 rpm 166 lb-ft at 4000 rpm 7.6 sec 14.9 sec
3.0L Turbo 3.0L F/I 260 at 5500 rpm 253 lb-ft at 4000 rpm 4.9 sec -


  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Automatic (Special Order)

Paint & Colors


Light Yellow
Lime Green
Chocolate Brown
Grand Prix White
Indian Red
Pery Red
Desert Biege
Mexico Blue
Copper Brown
Gazelle Brown
Ice Green



OEM Brochures

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