1973 Dodge Charger



The grille was slightly revised and new taillights that featured 22 individual lenses were the new visual revisions for the 1973 Charger. Most noticeable, however, was the new roofline around the quarter windows. The Rallye option was still available and came with a 318 standard, but you could still get the 440ci 4bbl engine.

The SE acted more as a luxury model, though any of the optional V8s could be had for additional performance. It included pleated vinyl seats, a vinyl roof, and came standard with the Rallye instrument cluster.

While styling and powertrain changes were evolutionary, the chassis was radically re-engineered. New rubber-isolated suspension systems (front and rear) reduced noise and vibration, but significantly added to the vehicle’s mass, especially at the front, and reduced torsional rigidity. Gone was the taut handling of the ’62-’72 B-body Mopars. Front disc brakes were now standard, no doubt at least partially to cope with the added weight.

Production Numbers

2-DR Hardtop 45,415
2-DR Coupe 11,995
SE Hardtop 61,908
Total Production 119,318

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
I6 225ci 1x1bbl 145 215 lb-ft - -
Standard V8 318ci 1x2bbl 230 340 lb-ft - -
V8 340ci 1x2bbl 240 290 lb-ft - -
V8 400ci 1x2bbl 190 310 lb-ft - -
V8 400ci 1x4bbl 255 340 lb-ft - -
V8 440ci 1x4bbl 280 340 lb-ft 7.4 sec 15.2 sec


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Torqueflite Auto

Paint & Colors


Dark Silver Metallic
Light Blue
Super Blue
Bright Blue Metallic
Dark Blue Metallic
Bright Red
Pale Green
Light Green Metallic
Dark Green Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Turquoise Metallic
Medium Tan Metallic
Dark Tan Metallic
Eggshell White
Top Banana
Light Gold
Gold Metallic
Dark Gold Metallic

OEM Brochures

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