1973 Dodge Challenger



For 1973, the Challenger remained almost untouched.

For 1973, the Challenger remained almost untouched. The Challenger had a new grille insert and new bumper guards to meet safety bumper regulations at five miles per hour.

The slant-six was no longer the base engine with the 318-cid being the base. You could get a 340-cid V-8 as an option as well as a 4-speed transmission or a TorqueFlite automatic transmission as an option too. The Challenger Rallye was now an option package. Side scoops came this year behind the front wheels and body stripes that ran the length of the car.

Production Numbers

Challenger: 2-Dr Hardtop 27,930
Total Production 27,930

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP
318 V8 318ci 1x2bbl 150hp @ 3600
340 V8 340ci 1x4bbl 240hp


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • TorqueFlite

Paint & Colors


Dark Silver Metallic
Eggshell White
Light Gold
Darl Gold Metallic
Gold Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Top Banana
Pale Green
Light Green Metallic
Light Blue
Super Blue
Bright Blue Metallic
Bright Red
Dark Green Metallic



OEM Brochures

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