1971 Porsche 911



In 1971, the D-series replaced the C-series.

The 1970 Porsche 911 was so good that the 1971 model year was basically unchanged. In 1971, the D-series replaced the C-series. The D-series featured galvanized under floor areas that were coated with PVC to make the car more resistant to corrosion.

In 1971, Porsche’s development division with its construction, testing and design departments, moved to the new Weissach development centre 15 miles north-west of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Apart from a large test track, Weissach also became the home of further elaborate installations such as a wind tunnel, a crash test facility, the exhaust emissions test centre, and a wide range of drive train test stands and dynamometers serving for both in-house developments and customer assignments

Production Numbers

911T 12,164
Total Production 12,164

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
911T 2.2L 2 Weber 40 IDT 3C 142 at 5800 rpm 148 lb-ft at 4200 7.6 sec 15.4 sec
911E 2.2L 2 Weber 40 IDT 3C 175 at 6200 rpm 160 lb-ft at 4500 - -
911S 2.2L 2 Weber 40 IDT 3C 200 at 6500 rpm 164 lb-ft at 5200 - -


  • 5-Speed Manual

Paint & Colors


Light Ivory
Bahia Red
Signal Orange
Irish Green
Conda Green
Pastel Blue
Albert Blue
Bemini Blue



OEM Brochures

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