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The 1971 Mustang grew wider and longer than previous years.

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The 1971 Mustang grew wider and longer than previous years.

It was two inches longer and almost two and a half inches wider than the 1970 model. The wheelbase was extended one inch to 109”. The 200ci 6-cylinder was dropped along with the 428, the Boss 302, and the Boss 429. New engines were the Boss 351, the 429 CJ, and the Ram Air 429 CJ.

The Mustang Grande was basically a luxury package and one could option in any engine. It came with such comfort features as vinyl Landau roof. Offered the options of power windows and a rear window defroster.

The Mach 1 encased the 302ci V8 as standard, and a new honeycomb texture grille easily distinguished the Mach 1 from other ‘Stangs, as did the Mach 1 fender and rear decals.

The new Boss 351 replaced both the 302 and 429 Bosses from previous years. Boss 351 V8 was rated at 330HP. The 351 had much better low-end response, and its equal weight distribution made for better handling as well as braking.

Production Numbers

2 DR Hardtop 65,696
2 DR Sportsroof 23,956
2 DR Convertible 6,121
2 DR Grande 17,406
2 DR BOSS 351 1,806
2 DR MACH-1 36.499
Total Production 151,484

Performance Specs

Engine Size HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
I6 250ci 145 - -
302 V8 302ci 210 - -
351 V8 351ci 240 - -
351 V8 351ci 285 - -
351 HO 351ci 330 5.8 sec 14.1 sec at 100.6 mph
429 Cobra Jet 429ci 370 6.5 sec- 14.6 sec at 96.8 mph
429 Cobra Jet-R 429ci 375 w/drag pack option - -


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual Close
  • 4-Speed Manual Wide
  • Select-Shift

Paint & Colors


Raven Black
Light Pewter
Bright Silver Blue
Grabber Blue
Pastel Blue
Medium Brown
Medium Yellow Gold
Light Gold
Medium Bright Yellow
Grabber Yellow
Dark Green
Grabber Green
Medium Green
Grabber Lime
Bright Lime
Bright Red
Wimbledon White


Medium Green
Medium Blue
Medium Ginger

OEM Brochures

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