1971 Dodge Challenger



There were not a lot of major changes to the 71 Challenger bodywork except for a new grill and rear panel.

There were not a lot of major changes to the 71 Challenger bodywork except for a new grill and rear panel. The cars came standard with the “power bulge” hood, and the shaker hood was an option.

The first signs of what was to come in future years started with a significant drop in compression ratio of the 383 from 10.5:1 to 8.5:1. The 440 4 barrel take out of the engine line up altogether from the Challenger, but the 340 was now avalible in the R/T. This was not the same 340 that had been in the T/A in 1970. Horsepower ratings were starting to be given as bhp, which was a new and improved way of reading the real power of the motor.

All good things must come to an end, and this was the start of the downward spiral of the Challenger.

Production Numbers

Coupe and Hardtop V6 and V8 23,088
Convertible V6 and V8 2,165
R/T Hardtop 4,630
Total Production 6,818

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
225 I6 225ci 1x1bbl 145 - -
318 V8 318ci 1x2bbl 230 - -
340 V8 340ci 1x4bbl 275 - -
383 V8 383ci 1x2bbl 330 - -
383 V8 383ci 1x4bbl 330 - -
426 Hemi 426ci 2x4bbl 425 - -
440 Six Pack 440ci 3x2bbl 390 6.2 sec 13.7 sec at 105 mph
198 I6 198ci 1x1bbl 125 - -


  • 4-Speed Manual
  • TorqueFlite
  • 3-Speed Manual

Paint & Colors


Light Blue Metallic
Bright Blue Metallic
Bright Blue
Light Green Metallic
Dark Green Metallic
Medium Tan Metallic
Light Gunmetal Metallic
Dark Tan Metallic
Light Gold Metallic
Plum Crazy
Green Go
Citron Yella


Light Gold
Light Gold Metallic
Medium Gold Metallic
Medium Dark Saddle
Medium Russet
Dark Green Metallic
Light Blue Metallic
Medium Blue Metallic
Bright Blue Metallic
Medium Blue Gray Metallic

OEM Brochures

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