1971 Chevrolet Camaro



The 1971 Camaro showed few basic changes from the ’70, like high-back seats and new paint colors.

The price of the RS only increased $19, and the price of the SS went down making it a bargain at just $3,222.

The most distinguishable characteristic however, is that the rear trunk lid no longer said “Camaro by Chevrolet,” but now just said, “Camaro.”

The RS package included numerous cosmetic changes including a distinctive front-end look that most noticeably featured two front bumpers on the left and right of the nose of the car instead of the normal full-width bumper.

The SS package contained a modified 350 V8 producing 210hp with an available 396 producing 260hp, along with distinctive trim including a blacked-out grill with the SS emblem.  It was possible to order a RS/SS.

The Z/28 came standard with a 350ci, 275 hp V8.

Sport Coupe 91,481
RS 18,404
Z/28 18,287
SS 14,862
Total Production 133,034

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
L22 I-6 250ci 1x1bbl 145 230 lb-ft - -
Z/28 350ci 1x4bbl 330 360 lb-ft 7.0 sec 14.8 sec @ 96.35 mph
Std. V8 307ci 1x2bbl 200 300 lb-ft - -
L48 350ci 1x4bbl 270 260 lb-ft - -
L65 350ci 1x2bbl 245 350 lb-ft - -
L78 396ci 1x2bbl 375 415 lb-ft - -
LS3 396ci 1x4bbl 300 400 lb-ft - -


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • Special 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Powerglide Automatic
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint & Colors


Antique White
Tuxedo Black
Mulsanne Blue
Lime Green
Sunflower Yellow
Classic Copper
Nevada Silver
Ascot Blue
Cottonwood Green
Antique Green
Placer Gold
Burnt Orange
Cranberry Red



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