1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo



The Monte Carlo was conceived by Elliot M (Pete) Estes, general manager of Chevrolet, with the help of chief stylist, Dave Holls.

The Monte Carlo was conceived by Elliot M (Pete) Estes, general manager of Chevrolet, with the help of chief stylist, Dave Holls.

The styling was modeled after the contemporary Cadillac Eldorado, although much of the body and structure was shared with the Chevelle. It featured concealed windshield wipers, and a light monitoring system was optional.

It was created as Chevrolet's answer to the new G-body Pontiac Grand Prix that was introduced in 1969 and would prove to be one of GM's biggest successes, but because of the labor strike in 1970, production did not meet its goal of 185,00, and fell short at 159,341.

This shortage led to an accidental scarcity tactic with consumers ordering the cars with options and paying full price. The Monte Carlo became an almost overnight success story.

The SS was introduced with the car. It was the most powerful option and included the 454ci V8. It also included heavy-duty suspension, wider tires, "SS 454" badging, and an automatic load-leveling rear suspension. With its steeper price, it proved to not be the runaway success as its lower model counterpart.

Production Numbers

Hardtop Coupe 142,153
SS454 3,823
Total Production 145,976

Performance Specs

Engine Size HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
Turbo-Fire 350 350ci 250 - -
Turbo-Jet 350 350ci 300 - -
Turbo-Fire 400 400ci 265 - -
Turbo-Jet 400 400ci 330 - -
Turbo-Jet 454 454ci 360 7.7 sec 16.2 sec at 90mph


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Powerglide
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint & Colors


Gobi Beige
Tuxedo Black
Astro Blue
Fathom Blue
Black Cherry<
Desert Sand
Autumn Gold
Champagne Gold
Forest Green
Cranberry Red
Cortez Silver
Shadow Gray
Misty Turquoise
Classic White
Green Mist


Dark Blue
Dark Green
Jade Green

OEM Brochures

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