1968 Oldsmobile 442



The 1968 442 finally became its own model from 1968 through 1971.

The 1968 442 finally became its own model from 1968 through 1971.

Engine displacement stayed at 400ci, but was based on the new 455 cranktrain and the bore decreased. Torque now came on earlier mostly due to a milder base cam grid.

The '68 442s had unique rear bumpers with exhaust cutouts and special exhaust tips, and it was the first year Olds first partnered with Hurst Performance to create the Hurst/Olds rather than just adding Hurst shifters as with earlier models.

These Hurst/Olds cars began with a limited regular production run of 515 and were painted Peruvian Silver with liberal black striping and white pinstripes, exterior and interior H/O badging, and a real walnut wood dash insert.

Mechanically, they had two drivetrain combos. A red 455 ci were backed by modified W-30 Turbo 400 transmissions. A/C cars got a W-46 engine while non A/C cars got a W-45 engine, both rated at 390 hp.

Production Numbers

Sports Coupe 4,282
Hardtop Coupe 24,183
Convertible 5,142
Total Production 33,607

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
W-30 400ci 1x4bbl 360 440 lb-ft 6.3 sec 13.3 sec at 103.6 mph
Hurst/Olds 455ci 1x4bbl 390 500 lb-ft 5.4 sec 13.9 sec at 103 mph


  • 4-Speed Manual Wide Ratio
  • 3-Speed Turbo HydraMatic
  • 3-Speed Heavy-Duty
  • 4-Speed Manual Close Ratio

Paint & Colors


Ebony BLack
Twilight Teal
Provincial White
Sapphire Blue
Nocturne Blue
Teal Frost
Willow Gold
Ocean Turqoise
Cinnamon Bronze
Flambeau Burgundy
Silver Green
Jade Gold
Juneau Gray
Silver Beige
Peruvian Silver


Med. Blue
Ivy Gold

OEM Brochures

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