1968 Chevrolet Chevelle



Since the Chevelle was first released they had been built on a 115-in wheelbase, but the 1968 featured a 116-in wheelbase for all sedans and every other model was built on a 112-in wheelbase. Therefore, overall length of sedan models now had a total length of 201 inches, with other styles measuring 197 inches.

The new body style was a distinct change ushering in the second-generation Chevelle. All 2-door models featured semi-fastback rooflines, and sedans featured more of a curve at the rear window.

The most powerful engine option, the L78, returned for the ’68 year.

The 300 and 300 Deluxe returned but this year was represented by a 2-door coupe and two wagons. The 300’s wagon models revived the Chevy “Nomad” name as the Nomad and the Nomad Custom. The Deluxe continued its tradition of bridging the gap between entry and luxury offering more color choices and trim options.

The Malibu continued its reign as the leading seller of the Chevelle, and would continue to do so throughout the Chevelle’s life, because it boasted the highest number of model options with the 4-door sport sedan, 2-door sport coupe, convertible, 4-door sedan, and 2-seat station wagon.

Also new for 1968, the Malibu sport sedan offered a Concours package which featured exclusive interior and exterior trim with embossed fleur-de-lis cloth and vinyl upholstery along with special sound installation.

The Concours model was Chevelle’s high-end wagon.

The Super Sport 396 Sport Coupe had been slightly relabeled and now offered the L78 once again producing 375hp as the top performance option.

Production Numbers

300 12,652
300 Deluxe 43,165
Malibu 282,390
El Camino and El Camino Custom 36,601
Concours 4,803
Nomad and Nomad Custom 22,273
SS396 62,785
Total Production 464,669

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
I-6 230ci 1x1bbl 140 220 lb-ft - -
I-6 250ci 1x1bbl 155 235 lb-ft - -
V8 307ci 1x3bbl 200 300 lb-ft - -
V8 327ci 1x4bbl 325 355 lb-ft - -
V8 327ci 1x4bbl 275 355 lb-ft - -
V8 327ci 1x4bbl 250 335 lb-ft - -
V8 396ci 1x4bbl 375 415 lb-ft 6.6 sec 14.8 sec at 99 mph
V8 396ci 1x4bbl 350 415 lb-ft - -
V8 396ci 1x4bbl 325 410 lb-ft - -


  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual
  • Powerglide
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint & Colors


Tuxedo Black
Ermine White
Grotto Blue
Fathom Blue
Island Teal
Ash Gold
Grecian Green
Tripoli Turquoise
Teal Blue
Cordovan Maroon
Seafrost Green
Matador Red
Palomino Ivory
Sequoia Green
Butternut Yellow


Medium Gold
Dark Gold
Midnight Gold
Medium Saddle
Dark Saddle
Medium Teal
Dark Teal
Medium Gray/Green
Dark Gray/Green
Medium Turquoise
Dark Turquoise
Medium Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Red

OEM Brochures

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