1967 Porsche 911



In other big news for the year, the 911 gained a new model in 1967, the "S" model.

The 1967 911 saw its first major change with the introduction of the semi-open "Targa" model, which in addition to a lift-off roof came initially with a soft, folding rear window. Many ended up being replaced with glass windows, therefore the "soft" Targas are quite rare and valuable today.

For those wanting more luxury, a 911L was offered for the first time as a luxury variant that shared many features as the below mentioned 911S, but retained the standard 148hp engine and larger brakes along with various changes to trim pieces.

A 911T was introduced as an entry-level 911, and although only producing 110 hp, the 911T was an adequate performer.

In other big news for the year, the 911 gained a new model in 1967, the "S" model. Different timing, carburetion, and cams boosted power from 148 hp to 180 hp. It was only available in the US for one year because of new emission control laws and was replaced by the luxury oriented 911L in '68, although some European cars slipped through in '68. The '67 911S is one of the most collectible early 911s.

A pure race version of the 911 was produced in limited quantities (20 to be exact) and was appropriately called the 911R. This version included lightweight aluminum doors, a magnesium crankcase, twin-spark cylinder heads, and a power output of 210 PS.

Production Numbers

911 Coupe 1,605
911S 1,818
911 Targa 358
911S Targa 360
911 R 20
Total Production 4,161

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP 0 to 60 Quarter mile
2.0L Flat-Six 2.0L IDA 148 9.0 16.5
911S 2.0L 2.0L Weber 40 DS 180 8.1 15.7


  • 5-Speed Manual

Paint & Colors


Slate Gray
Polo Red
Gulf Blue
Light Ivory
Bahama Yellow
Irish Green
Aga Blue
Burgundy Red
Champagne Yellow
Signal Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Medium Ivory
Lido Gold
Golden Green
Signal Green
Bush Green
Metallic Dark Green
Turkey Green
Velvet Green
Sea Green
Crystal Blue
Pastel Blue
Prussian Blue
Metallic Blue
Ultra Blue
Sepia Brown
Coffee Brown
Stone Grey
Light Grey
Cloudy Grey
Beige Grey
Silver Grey
Metallic Dark Red



OEM Brochures

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