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The 1967 Corvette is still regarded today as the best selling ‘Vette.

The 1967 Corvette is still regarded today as the best selling ‘Vette. It was restyled with five smaller front fender vents, new rocker panel trim, slotted Rally wheels, and slight interior changes, including a parking brake moved to the center console. This would be the last year of the second-generation ‘Vettes. The 427s got a different “power bulge” hood and more top horsepower.

The very rare L88 was produced this year featuring a four-barrel Holley carb, and new aluminum heads that raised compression to 12:5:1 and sat on an aluminum intake manifold. GM rated the beast at 450hp, but experts believe that number to be closer to 600!

Production Numbers

2-Dr Fastback Coupe8,504
2-Dr Convertible14,436
Total Production22,940

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
L79 327ci 1x4bbl 350 hp 360 lb-ft - -
Base V8 327ci 1x4bbl 300 hp 360 lb-ft - -
L71 427ci 3x2bbl 435 hp 460 lb-ft 5.6 sec 13.8 sec @ 110.5 mph
L89 427ci 3x2bbl 400 400 lb-ft - -
L36 V8 427ci 1x4bbl 390 hp 460 lb-ft - -


  • 2-Speed Powerglide Automatic
  • 3-Speed Manual
  • 4-Speed Manual Wide Ratio
  • 4-Speed Manual Close Ratio
  • 4-Speed Manual Heavy Duty
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic

Paint & Colors


Tuxedo Black
Elkhart Blue
Marina Blue
Marlboro Maroon
Silver Pearl
Ermine White
Lyndale Blue
Goodwood Green
Rally Red
Sunfire Yellow


Bright Blue
Dark Teal Blue

OEM Brochures

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