1966 Shelby Cobra



In 1966, the MKIII Cobras were still being produced and raced.

In 1966, the MKIII Cobras were still being produced and raced.

The MK III missed homologation for the 1965 season, but private owners continued to race the car and were winning races all the way into the 70s. The remaining 31 unsold cars were detuned and fitted with windscreens for street use appropriately named 'S/C' for semi-competition.

With nearly 500 horsepower for just 2,500 pounds, the Cobra 427 was "awesome, spellbinding," said Car and Driver. "Snapping the throttle open at any speed jams the low setback into the small of your back. The car lunges, jostles, and belches thunder from the side pipes just below your ear."

Although the car was surprisingly docile in traffic, Car and Driver, like so many, found it "neither reassuring nor especially comfortable. It rode as if there were cement in the shocks. The steering was indecisive, the handling twitchy and abrupt."

Production Numbers

MK III Competition 19
MK III Prototypes 2
Total Production 72

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
427 427ci - 425 - - 12.2 sec at 118 mph
Competition 427ci Holley 780 CFM 550 at 6700rpm 472 lb-ft at 3700 - -


  • 4-Speed Manual

Paint & Colors


Shelby Guardsman Blue
Monza Red
Navy Blue
Dark Silver
Wimbledon White



OEM Brochures

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