1956 Chevrolet Corvette



Brought back from near extinction, the Corvette returned better than ever in 1956.

Brought back from near extinction, the Corvette returned better than ever in 1956. Now featuring concave sides with two-tone option, outside door handles, roll-up windows, and an optional removable hardtop, the Corvette was also the most civilized to date, and indeed caught the public’s eye. The sloppy 6-cylinder was dropped for the more powerful and fuel efficient Turbo-Fire 265 V8, and when mated to the close-ratio 3-speed manual gearbox, it offered a great package for sports car enthusiasts.

GM’s design change and increase in power provided the foundation for what the Corvette dynasty would be built upon with increasing sales year-to-year for the next decade.

Production Numbers

Convertble 3,467
Total Production 3,467

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
V8 265ci 2x4bbl 240hp - - -
V8 265ci 2x4bbl 225hp - 7.5 sec 15.9 sec @ 91 mph
V8 265ci 1x4bbl 210hp - - -


  • 2-Speed Powerglide Automatic
  • 3-Speed Manual

Paint & Colors


Arctic Blue
Aztec Copper
Onyx Black
Polo White
Venetian Red
Cascade Green



OEM Brochures

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