1953 Buick Skylark



The Buick Roadmaster Skylark was introduced to commemorate Buick's 50th anniversary.

The Buick Roadmaster Skylark was introduced to commemorate Buick's 50th anniversary. It was released as one of three specialty convertibles produced by GM. All three were limited-production promoting GM's design leadership. Of the three, the Skylark was the most popular with a production of 1,690 units.

All Skylarks built in '53 and '54 were convertibles. The cars came well equipped as they were based on the Roadmaster (an already well-equipped vehicle) but A/C was not available as all the cars were convertibles.

The car featured a V8 engine and 12-volt electrical system - two 'firsts' for Buick. The top and seating of the car were lowered a few inches below the Roadmaster and Super convertibles. This was achieved by cutting the windshield almost three inches shorter and lowering the side windows and convertible top frame. To prevent operators from bumping their heads, seats and steering columns were lowered to accommodate.

Buick's definition of the car: "The namesake of a special, limited production sport convertible built as part of the division's Golden Anniversary celebration."

Production Numbers

Skylark 1,690
Total Production 1,690

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
Nailhead V8 322ci 1x4bbl 188 300 lb-ft 13.4sec 19.3sec


  • Dynaflow 2-Speed Auto

Paint & Colors


Reef Blue Poly
Mandarin Red Poly
Balsam Green Poly
Pinehurst Green Poly
Majestic White
Matador Red
Osage Cream


Helsinki Red

OEM Brochures

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