You’ve Just Found This Puzzling Collection Of Classic Car Corpses, What Do You Do Next?

Jan 24, 2022 1 min read
You’ve Just Found This Puzzling Collection Of Classic Car Corpses, What Do You Do Next?

Apparently you trespass.

In a graveyard of old classic cars, there lies a certain air of intensity with every step as you realize that nearly everyone who had ever driven the cars had abandoned them for one reason or another. Perhaps the vehicles themselves were cursed with issues ranging from minor construction problems to full-on lethal malfunctions, or maybe something a bit more nefarious was afoot. Whatever the cause, these cars have been dead for quite some time, and you seem to be the first to discover the collection in decades. So congratulations, you're currently living the dream that enthusiasts like yourself have dreamt of for their entire lives; you have found an authentic barn find. The only is, of course, this is no ordinary barn.

Check out a barn full of classics here.

Instead, this is an abandoned dealership that seems to have extensive damage throughout, with one second of roofing having been caved in due to poor conditions and lack of maintenance. Ironically, one area that appears to have some fire damage is supported almost entirely by a 1930s fire truck that also sports a smaller vintage car from what looks like the early 1960s. Walking around the front of the building, you'll notice quite a few vehicles sitting front and center in the window facing what would have been the parking lot of this classic car dealership. Unfortunately, this was where the best cars went to die, as shown by the white first-generation Mustang, which takes up most of the main lot.

Along with the aforementioned vintage time capsules, several Cadillacs spread throughout the complex, covered in a thick layer of dust accumulated over several decades. "It's crazy that none of the vehicles have been stolen," and, with a car like that Mustang being presented to the world, it's not a crazy thought. Thankfully none of the cards have been removed by force or stolen because it would severely damage these beautiful relics. Perhaps the owner will one day be found, but until then, the cars will sit unmolested by the harsh conditions of the outside world.

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