Woman Escapes Dodge Charger Carjackers

Aug 21, 2023 2 min read
Woman Escapes Dodge Charger Carjackers

Things are getting scary…

A woman in Oakland, California narrowly avoided getting robbed, possibly carjacked, recently. Two men in a Dodge Charger who were driving ahead of her on a road in the hills of the city suddenly stopped sideways, attempting to create a roadblock so the woman couldn’t escape. One brandished a gun to further scare her into submission.

Check out a great example of crime in Oakland here.

We’re sure they were just food delivery guys trying to find an obscure address, because nothing says legit like dark hoodies, masks, gloves, and a gun. Thankfully, this woman got over her initial shock after the one man can be heard hitting her window and drove around the Mopar, escaping the road pirate trap.

Plenty of people are acting shocked about this incident. We wish we could be surprised, at least a little. The Oakland hills is historically a fairly safe area, but as crime has been allowed to spread unchecked, especially carjackings and other violent acts, it’s no wonder criminals believe they can go hunting anywhere they please.

The sad fact is a lot of people who live in “good areas” drive around without locking their doors and are in general pretty naïve about crime. It’s time everyone starts wising up. This woman’s smart to have a dashcam running, which captured everything for the police to then investigate and catch these guys.

However, her reaction time to the robbery in progress was slow. She was obviously shocked, but the minute the Dodge pulled across the road to block her and the driver jumped out, she should’ve floored it and sped around the sedan. Thankfully, the guy with the gun didn’t use it, but he could’ve and the story would’ve been about a homicide.

The sad reality is everyone needs to watch their backs with robbers, street racers, and street takeover criminals running around all over.

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