Wheeler Dealer Falls Victim To Car Theft

Jun 29, 2023 1 min read
Wheeler Dealer Falls Victim To Car Theft

Even the pros can be targeted!

If you’ve never had a car stolen and don’t know anyone who has had their ride stolen, that might be changing soon. Car theft is sadly a huge and growing problem in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. Even the famous are affected by the trend, including British automotive TV series Wheeler Dealer.

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According to a report from Wakefield Express, Wheeler Dealer presenters Mike Brewer and Marc Priestley have asked the public to help with tracking down an MK1 Ford Fiesta which was stolen as it sat outside a Premier Inn in Knottingley, UK.

As you might have guessed, the classic Ford had been selected as a project car for the show. It was set to be displayed at The Motorist car show, hopefully impressing many of the enthusiasts who attend every year. Now those plans have been sidelined.

Brewer said the vehicle underwent a nut and bolt restoration, saying it was “possibly… the best MK1 Ford Fiesta in this country.” And now it’s in the possession of some thief. It might even be parted out by this point because criminals don’t care how much you love your car, what it’s truly worth, etc. they just want a quick score.

So you see, car theft has become so bad even TV show presenters are getting hit by it. Maybe now that the famous are suffering something will be done to curb the trend, although we won’t hold our breath.

The car theft was reported to West Yorkshire Police, which gave Wakefield Express a standard statement about an ongoing investigation. We’d be shocked if anyone is really looking for the Ford, although if police happen to run across it maybe it will be involved in a high-speed chase.

Image via Twitter

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