John Legend Stolen Car Case Allegedly Gets Star Treatment

Dec 19, 2022 2 min read
John Legend Stolen Car Case Allegedly Gets Star Treatment

Do you think the average person’s case would be handled the same way?

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is no stranger to controversy, with many objecting to what they characterize as a soft-on-crime approach. However, accusations are flying that the DA is giving singer, songwriter, and producer John Legend preferential treatment after someone tried stealing the celebrity’s Porsche.

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Car thefts unfortunately happen all the time in Los Angeles. On November 28, Legend fell victim to the crime as he was working in a recording studio. A suspect reportedly tried stealing Legend’s Porsche yet didn’t get far with the car. Los Angeles police quickly arrested the person for grand theft auto.

There have been accusations that in cities like LA car thieves are on the street before cops can fill out all the paperwork. It doesn’t sound like that was the case here. In fact, some prosecutors in the DA’s office claim an email was sent out asking them to keep Acting Head Deputy John Harlan in the loop about any updates.

L.A. County Deputy DA Jonathan Hatami didn’t have kind words for what’s happening. “This specific case, it has the appearance of impropriety because he’s trying to get the case before it’s even filed, before the case is even presented, and so that’s unusual,” he said a local reporter.

Director of communications for the DA’s office, Tiffany Blackwell, provided a statement to a local news station:

“The allegation that we gave preferential treatment to a case involving John Legend is baseless. It is the routine practice for the Head Deputy of the Charge Evaluation Division to seek information on all cases generating media interest. This matter was received the same way any media case is treated by the filing unit. Our office did not file this case. It was referred to the L.A. County Attorney’s Office back on November 23 for misdemeanor filing consideration.”

We’re sure this is just a mix-up and the fact John Legend has been an ardent supporter of Gascon is purely coincidental. The husband of Chrissy Teigen has thrown his support behind the DA both in person and online, so he’s just be treated like every other citizen who had a car stolen.

Source: KTLA

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