Unique Ford And French Classics Found In Abandoned Property

Mar 14, 2023 1 min read
Unique Ford And French Classics Found In Abandoned Property

These vintage cars are relics of their time.

The Bearded Explorer has had many great adventures over the time he’s spent finding cool old cars in abandoned houses. Overall, there is one vehicle that takes the cake in terms of odd but interesting classics that catch our attention. That vehicle is the European-spec Granada which is a car that most Americans have never seen before. Sure it was rebranded for the American market but that’s a completely different vehicle. So what’s up with this original?

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Well, the property being searched by our extravagant friend holds quite a few of those cars. In fact, there’s even the two-door fastback version which is actually incredibly rare, even for its time. Without a doubt, these are some really incredible vehicles but their condition suggests that there isn’t much hope for the cars to drive in the future. Perhaps someone will be able to restore the vehicles but for now they are aging relics of their time. On top of those cars there are quite a few pre-World War II models worth talking about.

You might not have ever heard the name Hotchkiss before but they’ve produced some of the world's coolest cars from the 1930s. In fact, two of them are sitting in the barn, surrounded by a number of French and European automobiles. Of course, you can’t forget the Renault 8 Gordini which is an incredibly desirable trim level of the French car. Overall, it’s a collection unlike anything most have seen before with models from every era crying out to be seen. Luckily, we have people like The Bearded Explorer to showcase the best attributes of some of the world's most desirable classics, even if they’ve been hidden away for sometime.

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