Two Old School Muscle Cars Rescued From Dust-Filled Grave

Jul 5, 2022 2 min read
Two Old School Muscle Cars Rescued From Dust-Filled Grave

After over 20 years of sitting, this pair of muscle cars are ready to hit the road again.

The vehicles in question were a 1969 Dodge Charger and a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette, which had been in the garage since approximately 1977 or 1978. One might scoff at these two masterpieces of automotive design, having sat in a residential garage for so long without a crank. However, it appears that these owners were so dead set on these cars never leaving the property that one of the garage doors was even bolted shut. Frequently, when we see old abandoned muscle cars like this, it should be assumed that the owner simply passed away or couldn't take care of them anymore. However, the owners of these cars lived a few feet away from the garage where the cars lay, so it does beg the question of why they let the vehicles rot.

To be fair, classic cars are notoriously difficult to keep up with, often unreliable and tend to fall apart when not correctly cared for. In the case of the Dodge Charger, the hood had been removed, so it likely was being worked on before its eventual abandonment. Unfortunately, because of the husband's affection for woodworking, both cars were covered in sawdust, making removing the vehicles a tad more complicated. As a result, neither of these cars is likely in working order, but they also don't show any damage. Instead, it appears to have been the setting that ultimately led to the muscle cars' demise. Luckily, that period of underuse and gathering dust finally passed as Dennis Collins, and his team brought the vehicles into the next stage of their lives.

One of the big reasons why it was challenging to sell these old-school performance cars was because they were both to be sold at the same time. It wasn't so much that the owners wanted the cars to stay together but that neither one wanted to sell in the first place. So they essentially bargained that they would sell their own vehicle simultaneously to get their garage back. Eventually, the team rescued these cars from what most would have considered their final resting place. As the Dodge Charger is carried away by a flatbed trailer followed by the Corvette, a new horizon forms for these legendary American performance cars.

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