Turo Customer Starts Dismantling Rented Tesla

Oct 25, 2023 2 min read
Turo Customer Starts Dismantling Rented Tesla

This genius didn’t realize Teslas have cameras and GPS trackers, apparently…

If you’ve thought about renting out your car to make some extra money using apps like Turo, this story might make you think twice before doing it. The owner of a Tesla rented out his electric car on Turo, only to observe through the onboard cameras that the renter was taking off the front bumper.

Concerned, the guy went down to what looks like a storage facility of some sort to talk to the renter. When he arrived, the front bumper from his car was off and another one was installed. The Tesla owner was way calmer than we would have been, given the situation. The renter is also surprisingly calm considering he’s been caught red-handed.

According to the video, the guy who rented the Tesla owns a website that sells Tesla and exotic car parts. Why exactly he was taking off the bumper isn’t entirely clear, but we think you can use your imagination. Whatever the actual reason was, it couldn’t have been good.

Now, we have zero experience doing bodywork on a Tesla, but it sure looks like in the video there’s a different bumper installed on the car. It appears to be matte gray, which you can order a Tesla in a similar color. Was something about the donor bumper damaged or defective? Is this like when mechanics swap good parts for defective ones on vehicles? That sure looks like a possibility, but we don’t exactly know.

Some think the guy was testing out an aftermarket bumper on the Tesla to make sure it fits correctly. Considering the nature of his business, that’s certainly a possibility. If he wanted to do such a thing, being honest with the owner and getting permission in advance would have been the smarter way to do things.

In the video, the guy says he had whoever the girl is with him call the cops. Not all police departments would take a situation like this seriously if they’re swamped with homicides, home invasion robberies, etc.

Check out the video for yourself.

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