Diesel Truck Rolls Coal Into Corvette

May 20, 2024 2 min read
Diesel Truck Rolls Coal Into Corvette

This is why you should just do the zipper merge instead of being a jerk…

We’ve all been there, sitting in heavy rush hour traffic merging from one freeway to another when one of the lanes is eliminated. Some people do the right thing and let one car from the other lane merge in front of them, doing what’s called the “zipper merge” like teeth from a zipper coming together. This, along with whether or not you put your shopping cart into the corral in the story parking lot, determines just what kind of person you are. A Corvette driver recently showed he wasn’t that kind of a courteous person and paid dearly for it.

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One would think if you truly loved your Corvette you wouldn’t play chicken with a pickup truck that weighs far more. In fact, that truck could probably roll over the Chevy’s fender and more without breaking a sweat. Plus, is it really going to set the ‘Vette driver back that much to let one vehicle merge in front of him?

For whatever reason, the Corvette driver seemed like he was in no way going to let the truck get in front. Sure, the other driver could've literally thrown his weight around and might have won, although if there had been a crash he might’ve been cited and had an insurance mess on his hands. We like what he did better.

Probably noticing the sports cars’ windows were down, the diesel pickup driver rolls coal right into the cabin, giving the Corvette driver a nice surprise. Even after that the Corvette driver wouldn’t relent. Rush hour traffic is brutal.

Some people are going to automatically say the diesel truck driver was the rude one. After all, there’s a huge bias against rolling coal in certain circles. But which do you think was the jerk in this situation? Check out the video and then let us know.

Images via YouTube

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